Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things I Love Thursday: Birmingham/Atlanta edition!

NIN & Jane's Addiction! Holy hell, it was such an awesome show! We had a great time, I drank too much, took too many pictures, and drooled over Trent Reznor. Aggghhh he's so hot. And he's less beefy! 30% less neck! I'm hoping now that I've seen him, my obsession will quite down for at least a little while. That, or it will become stronger.
Perry Farrell was in this awesome red jumpsuit, I'm sure high as a fucking kite, and prancing on stage. It was marvelous! Dave Nevarro though...who cares. Seriously.

I estimate that there was a fuckton of people there. That's pretty accurate.

Birmingham buddies Unfortunately we didn't get to see all of our friends since it was a pretty quick trip, but we got to see the most important! They took us to some underground bar that, from what I understand, was literally called Underground. It was cool, it was full of weirdos & freaks & PBR on tap. Some random dude also talked to me about this movie called Cannibal Holocaust. For hour he talked about it to me. I think he was on speed.
This is Tori & Nick. I've known both of them for years & years & years. Nick was a groomsman in our wedding & Tori was the one who actually officiated us! Look at Tori trying to hide...
But she can't....

Eating at Al's within a 12 hour time span If you ever find yourself in Birmingham, you absolutely must eat at Al's. It's this amazing 24 hour Greek place(although they serve chicken fingers, cheeseburgers, etc.) and they have the best motherfuckin' veggie burgers I've ever had in my life. Oh my god, I would probably kill someone for one right now. A place I would not suggest eating? Cosmo's. We waited for an hour and a half for some damn breakfast that wasn't even that good. Also, I got so freezing cold & hungry my hands literally went numb. It was super weird & kinda freaked me out.

This Girl
She made me so extremely happy! She was right in front of us & was just rocking the hell out the entire time. It was a beautiful thing. After a while she sat down but then Will urged her to get up & dance some more. She did :)

♥ honorable mentions ♥
Nick's dog, Bell, spooning with me in the mornings, chex mix, gigantic beers, being in a different place, hashbrown casserole, Will not losing his phone!, sleeping super hard flat on my belly in Nick's icebox of an apartment, hot showers, not smelling like a bar, my car getting it's first boot(seriously!), driving back home


Chedder Fish said...

ahahaha I had to comment - my husband has been trying to find a copy of Cannibal Holocaust for years since he and his father saw it at a film fest.

He swears it's THE most gory movie ( not that we usually watch that though) but something to watch to at least say you've seen it.

It really made me laugh to see that on your blog.

Rachel said...

I'm actually watching it RIGHT NOW! I'm about 40 minutes into it & so's ahh...kinda violent. But I'm sure it will get worse.

Ally Jeanne said...

man. the last time i was down there i was super stoked to eat at al's. i was like, YES VEGGIEBURGER. only to take a bite of it and realize that it has cheese in it. major bummer. but they have super awesome hummus!

craft pig said...

my favorite part is where you wrote the phrase "30% less neck". Lady, you crack me up.

Rachel said...

Ally-Their hummus is amaaaaazing! Aw man. Now I want Al's again.

Craft pig-Listen, Trent Reznor's neck was getting out of hand. Way too big!