Monday, May 25, 2009

Cross stitch Ca-RAAAZY

So it seems that I've completely immersed myself in the last 2 weeks or so in cross stitch. I think I may need a little break afterward so that I can concentrate on you know....getting my cosmetology license & stuff. Important things need to happen soon. So anyway, I had just an urge to continuously create, some are ones I've done before, on those days where I wasn't feeling especially creative but still wanted to do something & the others are custom orders.
Probably my all time favorite word to say AND stitch. The person who ordered these wanted them unframed (which makes it look unfinished to me :( but whatev) & she wanted them to look like a set.

Definitely could've taken better pictures....but she loved them & that's what matters! I totally loved what she actually wanted them to say too. Anyone that's as vulgar as I am is awesome in my book! At first I was confused on the "Jesus Fuck" thing, but from what I understand it's basically a jumble of cursing. I imagine it to be a frustrated curse like, "Jesus....FUCK!" but that's just me.

Now this is still one of my favorite pieces ever. It caused kind of a stir on Craftster (although I think any mean comments were deleted) & even had a few morons show up on my blog post about it. For the most part, I got very positive feedback & it quickly left my Etsy shop & into the arms of Crafty Dame (hope you love it, Amy!)

available @ my etsy for $25!
Fucking RIGHT!

Anyone hate World of Warcraft? I'm sorry, I know millions upon millions of people play & it's just the coolest game in the fucking world to some people but...shit's retarded. I've never been into MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) because I would rather do other things instead. I dunno, maybe I'll just always be a Nintendo fangirl & think other games are totally worthless. My husband plays it so that gives me permission to hate on this game.

available @ my etsy for $25!

I've been wanting to do an atheist/agnostic piece for a while & decided to stitch this cute little guy up.
available @ my etsy for $5!

It's little. The frame is 2 inches, I believe. I like it though! My initial description on Etsy was something along the lines of "men who wear sandals get what they deserve". It's supposed to be a joke, but maybe it's not a very well-known joke? Either way, my own mother didn't see the laugh value in it, so I took that part out. Only for mom! While I do understand that a lot of my stuff is offensive, and I like it that way, I don't want to totally turn people I making any sense? I don't want people to think I'm a jesus hating bitch, I guess. Although I absolutely am against organized religion & I'm very open about being agnostic. Hey, that's what happens when you attend Christian schools as a kid.

Oh! And on a totally different subject, I got my leg finished!

Thanks CW! Hopefully that will satiate my tattoo needs for a little bit because I am a broke as hell.

Now I must go & continue studying for State Board exams. Whoopy!


~Rubyredruca~ said...

That's so cute! It's your maiden name, right? My maiden name has a coat of arms and my husbands' doesn't. Mine had a bunch of little orange hairy goats or lions in it. Clas-sy huh?

Rachel said...

Yes it is! Although I haven't changed my last name...we've thought about both changing our last name to McBrett which is a combo of our last names! He's down with it, and that's how we were announced when we got married, we're just too lazy to actually start the process! Orange hairy goats, eh? I have angry dogs :D

craft pig said...

your tattoo looks awesome!!!

mimilove forever said...

Top leg work there madam!

(Also giggling like a school girl at the naughty cross-stitchery!)

Rachel said...

Thanks guys!