Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Not being (as) scared of clipper cuts! Yeah, so the salon I work in has a pretty big male clientele, which means I'm gonna have to use clippers at some point. They used to scare me (especially fades) but I did 2 in a row today with no nerves whatsoever! Yay for me! And the guys were happy & was told by Tiffany that they looked really good. Woot! Now...if I can just wrangle some chicks in the salon I will be a pretty damn happy camper.

My husband who is the master at totally calming me down So we've run into some bumps in the road as far as money goes & there seems to be a fraudulent charge on my credit report. I won't really get into the details but needless to say, I've been way stressed out about the whole situation & Will has the innate ability to, no matter how upset & stressed I am, completely calm me down & feel like everything's alright. I love that man immensely.

Getting awesome artwork from friends My friends are a talented bunch & my friend, Trey is doing this totally awesome & amazing "things I love" drawing. I saw the progress the other night and wow....I cannot wait to see the finished product. If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, this is the one he made for Will. You can check here for the details & notes & such..
The colors will pop more on mine since he's using a white piece instead of a brown piece of cardboard. He also gave me this awesome collage of horror movie characters that I haven't posted to flickr (but will soon!) It's done in ink & definitely a theme that I love.

Keyboard Cat I love this cat, even though it's been dead for like, 2 decades. Keyboard cat makes me way too happy.

♥honorable mentions♥
wearing skirts & dresses is completely comfortable, Sunflower Cafe's organic veggie lasagna, not fighting about money (seriously! I feel even closer to Will, actually), smartwater, goofing off with Joni, Brain Candy only on VHS, Star Trek is fucking awesome!, having people back me no matter what, my dad coming by the salon & cracking jokes, being me, my amazing friends, my amazing family, chik'n nuggets & BBQ sauce, falling asleep cuddling (rarity for me, I need breathing room), my true internet buddies: you know who you are!


craft pig said...

Is there anything better than a cat playing a keyboard to someone getting shanked in the face? this just made my day.

Rachel said...

No there is nothing better. I love Keyboard Cat soooo much! I'm glad he's made you're day :)

Brook said...

I am so scared of clipper cuts. We hardly have any males that get clipper cuts so I am hoping I can ignore it! I miss you kid!!!

Ally Jeanne said...

mo money mo problems