Thursday, April 30, 2009

Things I Love Thursday!

Dressing up for work This is totally new for me, since I've always had a job that most of the time required a uniform. But now? I wear skirts, dresses, flowers in my hair (including Brook's famous headbands!), do my hair & makeup. I have morphed into a total goddamn girl! And seriously, I am so not a dress wearing chick. But I seemed to have become one....which is fine because I stay pretty comfortable in the Alabama heat.

Embroidery Last post I talked about how I was getting bored with cross stitch so I actually did embroider something! And I'm actually pretty proud of it! You can see more of my pictures on my Flickr (I'll have a post about it later, I'm sure)
Not eating garbage So for a while I felt like I was just like a walking trash compactor, which is fitting because I was eating nothing but junk. When me & Will went grocery shopping a few days ago we loaded up on lots of fruits & veggies & good stuff. I already feel better! And since we have no chocolate in the house now, I have to eat fruit if I need something sweet (which is pretty often) . We even found the most amazing yogurt EVER which is orange creamsicle. No shit, it tastes just like a Flintstones Push-Up. Yuuuuum!

*honorable mentions*
C.O.Bigelow Mentha body wash is the shit, new mythbusters, new inspirations, Nothing in this book is true, but it's exactly how things are, reading comics on the computer is actually awesome, lint brushes, french vanilla yogurt, Martinellis applejuice, new friends, Michelle's adorable baby starting to coo, 6 hour naps on the couch


craft pig said...


sewphie said...

wow- love that skull
feeling v. jealous of your sassy work outfits as am still stuck in maternity clothes hmmph ;)

Rosemoo said...

Amazing how dresses suddenly seem like something I'll wear, after over 20 years of hating them.



Rachel said...

Craft pig-Yeah, you know what's up :)

Sewphie-I'm *sure* you make an absolutely adorable pregnant woman. Which reminds me: PICS!

Rosemoo-I know, right? I never liked them either, but all of the sudden...

Crystal Rhew said...

I love the skull!! Fantastic stitching!

And Push-up pop yogurt! Wow! I'm pretty partial to the key lime pie myself.

Euphoria said...

the embroidery rocks- Totally ROCKS!

And those Flinstones popsicles were the BEST ever! i ALWAYS got them when the ice cream man came around!