Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More sections of the Christian Bale rant...and MORE!

Yes, slowly but surely, I'm getting more & more of the rant done! I have a couple more in mind & will hopefully be able to take a group shot soon!

available @ my etsy for $20!

I really liked doing the border on that one....looks like purple snowflakes to me.

available @ my etsy for $20!

And I like the little birds squawking at each other :) This one is one of my faves!

So yeah, I should be getting the rest finished soon. I just wonder if they'll actually sell?

I did make a couple more cross stitches for Etsy! They're a little more gangsta gangsta than the rant, ya heard!

First one was inspired by Trina & all her raunchiness. A little background: me & my friends thought Trina was absolutely fucking hilarious & this song became our theme song.
available @ my etsy for $17!

That frame just totally caught my eye & knew that something 'diva-ish' needed to go in it. I usually don't look at a frame & say,"Yes! I know exactly what to do with it!" I usually just look at a frame & think,"That looks cool..." That's as far as I go with the frame buying. But this one was....different.

Then of course, Pimpin' Ain't Easy seemed like a natural follow up. I liked the font...it's all girlie, flowery, & pretty!

available @ my etsy for $20!

That's all the crafts for now! I'm getting kinda tired of cross stitch so I may be doing more embroidery soon. I've been so busy with work lately that I haven't made a whole lot of time for crafting.

And soon I have to start studying for my state board exams! Yay! Soon, I will be a licensed cosmetologist. So far, I really really enjoy the job. I've started at a Paul Mitchell salon & work with some really cool chicks, one being the friend that got me the job in the first place! So nice to work around girls that all get along. Also, having a job where I can dress however I want, have as many tattoos & piercings as I want, listen to whatever music I want...is so very awesome!

So I have a question for you all that still read this...Should I continue to do Things I Love Thursday? I know I've neglected to over the past few weeks...I'm wondering if I should pick it up again?


Shanna said...

Can't wait to see the whole Bale rant together! It's going to be so gooood!

Rachel said...

Believe me, I can't wait for them to all be finished!

stina said...

yay for the new job v& great co-workers!!!

craft pig said...

I can just hear his British accented screams! Nice work!!

Rachel said...

Stina- Thank you! Yeah it's awesome. I'm really easy to get along anyway, but typically girls can be catty. Luckily, these girls are different :)

Craft Pig-Isn't he wonderful?! *sigh* Soooo hot.

torrance said...

Love the stitches and love the frames! You really can pick a right frame for a project.

Ally Jeanne said...

you should totally keep doing the tilt! pimpin ain't easy - holy crap that is cute.

Rachel said...

Thanks Torrance!

And Ally, I will totally keep doing tilt :) Also, i kinda sorta got a little heat for that cross stitch. Can't please everyone!

I BLEED PINK said...

These are so kick ass!! I am so going to order some of these!!

Rachel said...

Awesome! I will gladly make some for you!

vegkat said...

Just saw you had a blog, so I hope I'm not being too stalkerish, but your stuff is fucking awesome! I also had to comment on this one and tell you I just found out my cousin was the one who bought your "Ohhh goooood for you" cross stitch. Obviously she's awesome. :-)