Saturday, April 4, 2009

For fuck's sake, man, you're amateur

Hello all! I feel like it's been too long since I had a craft related post, so here's the goods! As some of you may know, I've been doing sections of the Christian Bale rant. If you haven't heard it yet, you live under a rock. Just kidding, you can hear it in all it's glory here. Believe me, if you love the word fuck, then you'll love the rant! This one is one of my personal favorites..

available @ my etsy for $20!
Then this one just had to be done.

available at my etsy for $20!

I've started on another one & hopefully it will be done by tonight! I'm having a hard time finding cool borders so if you guys know of any sites or books I should get, holla!

I tried my hand at stitching fabric onto a onesie. It went...ok. It could've turned out better, but I'm still pleased with it! I should've used my sewing machine, but I didn't, so it ended up with some puckering & bubbles. I still think it's a pretty fucking sweet onesie though! If I had a kid, it would totally be rocking stuff like this. It really doesn't look as crooked in real life :)

available @ my etsy for $15!

Who doesn't love robots? Who doesn't love lovebots? I really liked stitching this one! I used split stitch, back stitch, & satin stitch. LoveBot was even featured on Feeling Stitchy! Pattern by Urban Threads

I even did one of those cool sidewys shots I see! Haha!

Remember those patches I had a few entries back? Well, I took the advice & made them into brooches. Buy some! They's cheap!

available @ my etsy for $3 each!

Yep, this little break has kept me a busy girl! I've really enjoyed being able to craft as much as I have been lately.

On a non craft related note, I got my leg worked on Wednesday. This was a graduation/birthday present :) First session is done! This is my family's coat of arms. A lot of my tattoos are family related. The flowers on my arm(there's pictures on the blog somewhere) each represent a member of my family, and they're their birth month flowers. Back to the family coat of arms...Manu Forti means "With a strong hand". I love it & can't wait to see it finished!


Tanya said...

Wow...that tattoo is awesome. That is some good work you got done.

The onesie is adorable! And as always, I love those Christian Bale cross stitches. Hilarious!

Brook said...

The love bot sold!!! YAY I am so glad! That was sooo cute! As far as onesies go did you use stabilizer?

Rachel said...

No, no stabilizer. I thought about that after the fact haha!

~Rubyredruca~ said...

That tattoo is so pretty- and original!

Rachel said...

Thanks lady! I love it :)

Eve said...

Your crafts are awesome!!

Bliss said...

I love that rant and I especially love your pieces. What a great idea.

Chuck Dilmore said...

love your stuff! perfectly outrageous!
and your tatt!


Rachel said...

Thanks guys!

Rosemoo said...

Hah I finally listened to that rant. Freakin awesome that you're stitching some of that up.


stina said...

thank you for commenting on my blog, that reminded me i'd totally forgot to comment on this entry of yours, which i had the intention of.

the tattoo looks REALLY nice, i'm excited to see the finished result!

& oh gosh, you've been a busy girl, all items looks lovely. i wish i had the patience to learn how to embroider neat like that. i'm in awe!

& to comment back on your comment, i'm a bit scared actually. both the owl sweater & the cardigan calls for cable skills, which is something i have very successfully avoided for all these years of knitting. i'm sure you'll hear all about my tantrums while trying to knit it. ha!

Leti said...

cool cross stitch! i don't like your tatoos ;), but i do like the other stuff!

Euphoria said...

your embroidery projects rock! SO rad!! LOVE the new ink too!

craft pig said...

that's some sweet fine line work on your leg! Cant wait to see the finished work!

Rachel said...

Thank ya! Yeah, I can't wait till it's finished either! It's gonna look sa-WEET!

Anonymous said...

Strong right hand. Greetings from PA. Manu Forti. Scotland forever.

brytanie mckay said...

I was thinking about getting our coat of arms or something related tattooed too. If you could email me at

I would like to get more info about you and your family

Anonymous said...

Hey i was searching for the McKay name after buying a small badge out of curiosity, turns out its your coat of arms !!!

get in touch if you want a picture