Friday, February 20, 2009

Girls I'd Go Gay For

Yes, yes, no TiLT this week, so I thought I'd just make a list of women I just absolutely adore in one way or another. Shall we? OK!

First up, a women that I would probably leave Will for, is Kathleen Hanna. She has been my hero since I was just a wee riot grrl. She has inspired me to no end, and in ways she has saved my life. If you don't know who she is, she's the singer of Bikini Kill & Le Tigre. I even had my homage to Bikini Kill.

Then we have Selene Vigil, singer of 7 Year Bitch, another one of my favorites.

Continuing the trend of awesome punk rock chicks, L7's Donita Sparks! If you've never heard of L7 then you probably suck...move along...

Natalie Portman...even with a shaved head she is absolutely gorgeous. I'll forgive her for the shitty Star Wars movie.

Oh, Evan Rachel Wood...I'll admit, I watched the movie Thirteen. I loved it. Probably because I was a horrible HORRIBLE teenager & I could relate. If you guys only knew what a bad kid I was, you maybe wouldn't talk to me anymore. But Evan Rachel Wood is hot & I generally like her movies. Except Running with Scissors was boring as all hell.

Author of The Beauty Myth, Promiscuities, & tons of other awesome books, Naomi Wolf totally makes the list, even though she'd probably turn me down. I love anything she writes. I URGE EVERYONE TO READ THE BEAUTY MYTH! NOW, GODDAMN IT!

Now the author of probably my favorite book ever, Cunt. Inga Muscio! She is fucking rad & I love the way she writes.

Being a huge LOST fan I think I've had a crush on just about every one of the cast members now. But Evangeline Lily (if that's your real name) is badass and hot.
Yunjim Kim for the same reasons stated above.
And last but not least, the great Dita Von Teese, for reasons pretty easily figured out.

Well, there ya go! Girls I'd go gay for. Totally. Are you asking where Angelina Jolie is? Fuck her. All girls think she's hot. BE DIFFERENT.

Who would you go gay for?


Lia said...

Re: Dita

Read a review of 'High on Heels' last week.

I'm a bit of a shoe lover myself......and she has an amazing 1940's movie goddess appeal.

Good Picks!


Rachel said...

She does! She is stunning! Thank you :)

Lily said...

Hahaha! My sentiments exactly regarding Running With Scissors!

And 7 Year Bitch is the S-H-I-T!! I love them!

beefranck said...

L7! Nice. :)

Mine's dead, so there's nothing for Jim to worry about: Sylvia Plath.

Rachel said...

Lily-Yes they are! Fucking LOVE them!

Bridget-Excellent choice there, missy!

Bad Fish said...

I'm surprised you love Dita and Evan both. I've hated Evan ever since she stole Dita's man and look. I do like your other choices though, very much.

Rachel said...

Thanks Bad Fish! I didn't even think about the whole Evan & Dita thing haha, I agree with the whole look stealing part..and it didn't suit Evan whatsoever. I wonder if she actually thought no one would notice?

Ally Jeanne said...

Dude. Zooey Deschanel. She's my favorite!

Rachel said...

Ah shit! I totally forgot about her!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA...I pretty much agree with all the girls you picked, and loved Thirteen...but don't you think ERW has become a Dita wannabe? Have you seen her pics this last year around the time she was with Marilyn Manson? I used to think she was badass but am beginning to wonder!

Rachel said...

Oh she DEFINITELY is a Dita wannabe!

astula said...

Kathy Acker is a (dead :( ) heroine and Charlotte Gainsbourg is a love

lovely stitch work!