Friday, January 9, 2009

Things I Love Thursday (late)

So it's been a minute since I last did a TiLT, eh? I think it's about time! But first I'll try to catch you guys up on what happened over my magnificent holidays!

♥ drank champagne for 2 weeks & suffered some terrible hangovers, saw friends I haven't seen in forever, played lots of video games, laughed a whole lot, hugged a whole lot, spend tons of time with our family, watched a "Moon Pie" rise (instead of drop) for the new was such an incredible let down, saw a live cabbage patch kid that is now Will's nephew, crafted a good amount, slept in a lot & went to bed late, ate too much terrible food, did too much drinking, I HAD A BLAST!! ♥

I seriously feel revived from my 2 weeks off. I also already miss it. A week in to reality, and I already want to be back on vacation. ANYWAY!

The Futureheads I have been on a kick for the past few weeks & I may need some rehabilitation. I cannot stop listening to them! And I imagine that MrXStitch likes them, but that's only because they're both from the UK & I'm stereotyping. But they are a great band & I've included several videos for your visual & aural entertainment.

You'll recognize this one from Grandma's Boy, if you've seen it.

2009 Gonna be a good year! Because last year kinda sucked for me, for reasons I'm sure most of you are aware of by now. I have big hopes for this year & I don't think it'll disappoint. I've even made a resolution & so far I've been kicking ass at it. I had wanted to read at least one book a month, and I've already started on my second book. Woot woot!

Graduation!!! Although it's not any time in the next few days or so, I'm getting soooo close! I should have about 2 months left, after being there since the end of last January. I'm at 1160 hours out of the 1500 needed to graduate. I'm really proud of myself for sticking it out, because it's basically like having a full time job that I don't get paid for, then I leave & go to my job that does pay me. I will be glad when it's OVER!! And I got a jobby waiting for me!

*Honorable Mentions*
much needed relaxation, emergency pants, craftin', my new super fly shears, severe giggle fits at 4am with Will, seeing my cute pregnant friend Danica, doing absolutely nothing, pizza, mint chocolate chip ice cream, Will because he is always awesome, moon pies & fireworks, playing pictionary even though we sucked, my hello kitty doll Will got me (I'm an addict), MST3K, leg lamps, striped tube socks, giant purses, surprise paychecks ♥


I have a few crafts to show!

These are all from Urban Threads. Um...LOVE THEM NOW. I added this to my Etsy & it was sold right away!

Same with this one!
In all fairness, I listed them for Bliss & Bridget :) I do think they are absolutely adorable cupcakes though!

I also made this little guy...
I love him & he is MINE. If you would like for me to make one for you to buy though, I certainly will, just holla atcha girl!

I have a few more embroidery patterns I wanna stitch up, but I have my Mega Man towel I'm working on right now & a cross stitch in mind...that I may actually do tonight. Hmmm...

So that's it for the week! Maybe I'll keep up with it from now on since the holidaze is over.


Loca4crafts said...

I love the little vegetarian dinosaur :)

Crystal Rhew said...

Here's to the new year and resolutions and craftiness and getting out of school and looking ahead!
And I LOVE the cupcakes and I always love your frames!

beefranck said...

Eeeeeeee! I can't WAIT for my cupcake! :D It looks adorable. Thanks for whipping him up so quickly! By the way, our cat Shampoo is in love with the scarf you made. When I hang it over a chair, if part of it trails to the floor, she curls up on it.

How exciting that you are so close to graduation! You must be counting the _minutes._

Thanks for the shout out to Emergency Pants! You and Will are truly Friends of the Show. ^_^

Rachel said...

loca4crafts- thank you! i love him too!

crystal-thank you! yes, i am SO looking forward to this year!

Bridget-i can't wait for you to get it! it was not a problem whippin' it up for ya, i was more than happy to :) and that is too cute that your cat cuddles the scarf. when i told will the name of your cat he automatically knew what it was from, i guess that makes me less nerd. haha & yeah, i'm on the graduation countdown! no more mullets!

stina said...

ah, futureheads! i love them!

also, huge congrats on soon gratuating!

Sherezada said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! I'm glad you're feeling so revived.

Those stitches are just too cute! I seriously love Urban Threads, and you've done a great job with the patterns.

Ally Jeanne said...

that vegetarian is technically a vegan since they weren't rocking out with milk and cheese back then?

your cupcakes are super cute!

the rest of school will fly by and then you'll be like, "wtf why is my hair so boring now?"

Rachel said...

ha! good point! i guess he his a vegan dino!

i sure hope the rest of school flies by..i'm the most motivated to go now because i am so close to finishing!

Ally Jeanne said...

it's funny because that's actually the point where most people drop out! seriously 1 out of 3 girls would drop out with a month or two left at my school.

Brook said...

champagne is the death of me...

craft pig said...

I'm with you sister, 2009 WILL be better than 2008 dammit!

Thanks for the love over at my seriously means alot!

kramox said...

I love your little guy! oh gosh i can't remember when was the last time i saw something so adorable! <3

Mumsy Mania said...

bite me..your fuckin rad

Rachel said...

Haha! Thanks!