Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back to four letter words.

What the hell? It has been way too long since I've stitched up some vulgarity so I made up for it a little bit over the past few days with two new cross stitches!

The first one is a Dr. Dre lyric...one of my favorites too. It's been a long time coming for real. I really can't believe it's taken me this long to actually cross stitch it!

available @ my etsy for $16.00!

I am really diggin' this one...the font reminds me of computers..like a Commodore 64 or something (yeah, I went there). And the flower borders to make it a little girlie. You know, for them bitches.

Ben Folds does a cover of the song that's also really awesome (surprise! Ben Folds is awesome!)

I guess I've been feeling especially ghetto lately because then there's this one...

available @ my etsy for $18.00!

I actually don't even say y'all habitually like people think most southerners do, but "Fuck All You Guys" does not have the same effect. Fuck All Y'all...it really cuts to the core. And it basically sums up my attitude between the hours of 8am to 4pm.

The frame is awesome, it's got kind of a gothic feel to it.

I'm not gonna lie, I fucking love the shit out of both of these cross stitches & I hope they sell quickly so I won't have the urge to pull them from Etsy & keep them for myself.

Other than that, I'm kind of half assed working on the MegaMan towel & also working on another embroidery. Will is bummed that I want to work on other things than the towel but it's so tedious. Ugh. I just wish I could snap my fingers & it would be done because it's gonna take a while. He said if I showed him how to do it, he would cross stitch it..how adorable is that. I would love to see Will crafting alongside me, then we'd really be the most disgustingly cute couple ever. Our cats would vomit on us because they were so disgusted.

He's actually getting good at recognizing certain stitches I do. Like last night he said, "Oh, is that satin stitch? That looks almost professionally done." I wanted to just smoosh his cheeks & kiss him after that! What a guy...he actually seems genuinely interested in my crafts :)


Bliss said...

I love the Dr. Dre lyrics. I want my bridesmaids to walk down the aisle to the Ben Fold's version! great work, as ever :)

craft pig said...

I love me some Ben Folds...and 4 letter words! HIlarious/awesome work!

DaynaDos said...

I like the way the Dr. Dre lyrics looks. And you know, he's right. They are ho's and tricks.

Ally Jeanne said...

that frame is amazing dude.

i had to teach myself to not say y'all after moving north because i got made fun of a TON.

Rachel said...

Bliss-that would be HILARIOUS for your bridesmaids to walk out to that song! and thank you!

craft pig-i love ben folds too, & i've had him stuck in my head ever since i've been working on that xstitch haha!

danyados-true, true!

ally jeanne-thank you! yeah, i just don't really say y'all..i don't know why! i don't even have much of a southern accent, thank god, because it used to be TERRIBLE when i was little.

beefranck said...

These are great. :)

I love that Will is recognizing stitches! Such a good boy. :) Jim has become the one who tells people about my hobby. I always find it a little hard to explain, myself.

Rachel said...

thanks bridget! and yes, i've trained will well. i will get him to do my evil bidding mwahahah

that's cute that jim tells people about your crafting! i can just imagine how those conversations go :D

Crystal Rhew said...

I love them both! Yet another success for you! I wish by boyfriend was half as thrilled about my crafting!!

Mumsy Mania said...

i use to do this as a kid..i love it.. you make me want to start again.haha