Thursday, December 4, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

So I stayed home from school today because I have food poisoning. Good times, good times. I think my favorite part was waking up at 3 am to severe stomach cramps & cold sweats & then spending the remainder of the morning going back & forth to the bathroom to puke/other gross stuff/lay in a sweaty ball on the floor. I ate Taco Bell last night. I do not eat Taco Bell on any sort of regular basis, maybe twice a year. I won't eat Taco Bell again. But on to the list!

My dad's last chemotherapy treatment Finally, he's done with them! he had his last one on Monday & this weekend my parents are going to Las Vegas! Partly because of business for my mom but mostly for a celebration :) He should've had his last one before Thanksgiving but they kept having to push it back because his white blood cell count was too low. It's still quite low but they gave him permission to go on the trip, as long as he was very careful about washing his hands, etc. Definitely don't want to get an infection or any more sick than the chemo has already made him. I am SO happy he's done with it. He has his last PET scan in January & I believe that it will be nothing but good news!

Two whole weeks off from school Oh my god, I need this one! We get out for our Xmas break on the 19th & don't return until the 5. YAY! The only thing that sucks about the break is that I will not get hours for it, which will set me 2 weeks behind in graduating which now puts me graduating in March. But it's ok...I have only 10 more weeks of school left!! I will no longer have to: work for almost 40 hours a week & not get paid, wrap a perm on a 90 year old who has about 5 hairs anyway, do pedicures on the most disgusting feet I've ever seen...the list can go on & on. I will be very happy to get the hell out of cosmetology school & get back to my life!

Having crazy (but awesome) employees So I don't know how many of you follow me on Twitter, but I mentioned something about Secret Service Agents coming to my work. OK Here's the whole hilarious story! My coworker had a dream the other night about Obama being assassinated. Well, it was so vivid to him that when he got up, he immediately emailed the motherfucking CIA about said dream. He told me he couldn't not say anything about it, because it was so real to him. Anyway, so yesterday who decides to make a visit to my job? Two Secret Service Agents!!! They asked the guy if he was so & so, he said yes, they flashed their badges & asked to speak to him about an email. They took him outside & pretty much asked for an entire bio. Then they left. What. the FUCK!! I still can't believe this happened. I wish I would've been at work yesterday. It is a great icebreaker for him though, for sure. He really his my favorite person to work with because he always has some crazy shit to say but this definitely took the cake. He started our conversation with, "So, I got a visit from the CIA yesterday..." Hahaha! Love that guy!

*Honorable Mentions*
feeling more confident with hair, packing my own lunch, long hot showers in the morning, new books, xmas time, wearing hoodies, great sex, great conversation, dancing in my shower, my cat Ardy sleeping right on top of my legs, potatoes & eggs, Disney World next summer!!, New Years Resolutions, headbands (and hopefully one that won't give me a headache!), leg warmers, Cinnabon, hot candycane tea/hot tea in genereal, paper journals, alphabet magnets, listening to Taking Back Sunday, Dillinger Escape Plan, & Brand New, seeing old friends

And for your viewing pleasures, some videos of the bands mentioned above! Look at the pretty pictures!

With just a dash of Refused!


Sherezada said...

Oh, man, I'm so sorry about the food poisoning! I hope you feel better soon.

That's great though, about your Dad's chemo being over. I hope your folks have a great time in Vegas.

Loca4crafts said...

Hope you feel better soon :) Isn't Winter Break the best?? I can't wait.

Mr X Stitch said...

Sorry to say, but your colleague sounds like a bit of a bonehead.
He'll now be on the CIA watch list, I bet - good thing Guantanamo Bay isn't accepting people any more..!

But seriously though, what a doofus. If he dreams about Jebus returning is he going to email Billy Graham..?

Rachel said...

haha! he's actually extremely intelligent, but definitely crazy. i told him he was going to be watched now & he didn't seem to care because he said he had nothing to hide. but yeah, if i had a dream like that, my first reaction would definitely not be to email the CIA :D

daina said...

Why is it headbands always give headaches. I would wear them so often if they didn't!!

Rachel said...

i know, right? i hate that!