Friday, November 28, 2008

(Late) Things I Love Thursday: Thanksgiving Edition!

I am thankful for....

♥ My amazing & supportive family. They have backed me in everything I do, they are incredible people & I love them dearly.

♥ My husband who is nothing short of amazing. He is my soulmate & I'm forever grateful & thankful for the changes he's made in my life.

♥ My awesome friends, for pretty much the same reasons. No matter what, I can call on them for anything.

♥ The opportunities in life I've been given & seeing my hard work pay off.

♥ The decisions I've made to better myself.

♥ Finding a way to express myself through crafts & the great friends I've met through crafts.


beefranck said...

I love your "tilt" posts. :) Focusing on the positive is so fundamental but it's so easy to forget to do it - but you remind me every time you post one of these. :D

Rachel said...

thank you bridget! i really try to do it every week even if i'm in a pissy mood. you truly can find something to be positive about, no matter what!