Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

Geekologie This has been one of my FAVORITE sites for a while now, but the other day there was an article about a man who submitted a drawing of a spider instead of payment for an overdue account. Here's a preview..
I seriously about hyperventilated laughing so hard!! Please guys, click the link above to read the entire exchange because you will not be disappointed!

Crazy, crazy Christians! Does anyone remember Chick Publications? Me & one of my friends used to collect the tracts they'd pass out on weekend nights downtown. As Shane from Emergency Pants would say, "Intolerance is hilarious!" The truth is, I'm not even offended by these. They're so absolutely ridiculous that it's entertainment for me. My favorites were "The Trick" (the one previewed below)

"That Crazy Guy!"

"Baby Talk"

And last but not least.."The Birds & The Bees'', you know, for the youngsters!

Tears for Fears the literal version Will's the one that showed this to me & once again, I was amused. As you can probably tell, I'm pretty easily amused. And I have great taste. In everything.

Perry Bible Fellowship is a hilarious comic strip. Actually, I take that back. It's really hit or miss, but the hits are soooo good it makes up for the "huuuh?"s

*honorable mentions*
dream dictionaries, new pretty bras, board game night!, Will always always always, my mom visiting me at work, Choke the movie!! finally!, Animal Crossing, potatoes & eggs, RedBull addictions, new Top Chef, all the shows on hair & makeup (what's up Blush, Tabytha's Salon Takeover, Shear Genius, Split Ends!) , anticipating the new season of LOST, boxes of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Japanese Coach on DS

This was kind of different from my usual TILT, but people like pictures! Less words+more pictures=WIN.

Plus, I was just really thoroughly amused by all of these web findings that I felt I had to share!

On a side note, I feel like I've been extra busy lately which is why I haven't been crafting or spending a whole lot of time on the internet (besides the aforementioned sites). I don't know why, because my schedule hasn't changed in almost a year. I guess I'm just really buckling down at school because it's getting closer & closer to graduation! It's days seem incredibly long yet the weeks seem to be flying right by me. If that makes any sense. Anyway, I will have 2 projects to post up here very soon! One is completed, the other is on it's way to completion. I am a slacker crafter lately!


Lily said...

Oh my god, I've been loving the new Top Chefs! It's so exciting for it to be in New York!

I saw a preview for the new Lost this last Sunday and it looked really good! Can't wait!

Rachel said...

Eeeek! I know! I'm soo stoked!! And yeah, I'm digging the new Top Chef!

beefranck said...

What an awesome list! I love so much. Loonies are fun! :) Shane sent me the link a long time ago - I called him a liar when he told me it was for real.

Rachel said...

Right?! It's so outrageous that I still cannot believe that it's REAL! And people BELIEVE in it!

Brook said...

I am slacking too... so sad...

Mr X Stitch said...

I love those comics!
I think Jebus is excellent and his comics are true. And anyone who thinks differently will burn in hell, because Jebus loves you.


I'd also like to celebrate new pretty bras! They're great.

Loca4crafts said...

I also cannot wait for the new season of Lost. I love that show.

daina said...
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daina said...

That spider??!!!Oh my. I need to do that for my mortgage:)
And I love that Geekology Web site. I could waste hours there. Check out
just as awesome!!