Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

I was actually really looking forward to this TILT! There are just sooo many things I've been loving lately!

Taking a breather from crafts for a minute. Nooooo I'm NOT quitting, I actually did a couple of little simple cross stitches in the past week...I'm just taking a little break to concentrate on what my real priorities are! Although it's been strange not having a lot of projects to post, it's been nice & relaxing not feeling like I have to be pumping out projects left & right. I have a really busy schedule right now, I'm not knocking people that have the time for lots o' crafting.... maybe after I finish school I can get back into crafting a bit more. And YAY! I'll be graduating in the next few months!

Spending my down time with friends has been awesome! I've spent any time I had off with friends or with Will. I hung out with my mandolin playing, train hopping friend, Megan...I had a blast at the sex toy party with Melissa...and I watched Sex & the City the movie and talked about going to see New Kids on the Block with Joni. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in school, work, & crafts I forget that my friends & family are getting lost in the shuffle. It's been so nice reconnecting with everyone, I miss my bitches!

Reading is something that I've always loved. When I was a little girl, we would spend a week at the beach every summer & you could find me most of the time inside reading! Books are another thing I had started to neglect, but now I can't get enough! Currently, I'm reading (or re-reading) You Are Being Lied To: The Disinformation Guide to Media Distortion, Historical Whitewashes, & Cultural Myths, Invisible Monsters, & The Sandman: Dream Country. That's how I roll..several books at once! I love the shit outta some books. People should definitely read more!

*Honorable Mentions*
"Oh I have tons of respect & love for Marky Mark", Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale, laughing until my sides hurt, long hugs, beautiful friends, green false eyelashes, passion parties & all of us having one hard nipple, Melissa's dried bridesmaid bouquet for an anniversary present, school being fun, dancing like a retard & singing REO Speedwagon to Will in the shower just to make him laugh, shower mohawks (yeah, I still do that!), being happy with my life, The Positivity Blog, having no regrets, coming home to a clean house, my husband for always being amazing to me, cinnamon rolls & red bull for breakfast, humidifiers, snuggles, our bed, tarot cards, forgiving & forgetting, books, lesbians, standing my ground, love, not wearing make-up, naps, "oh man it was lollerskates on a roflcopter", burritos, veggie pizza, vegan burgers, hot showers, pwning finger waves!, waking up to kitty kisses, our perfect view of a full moon from our living room ♥

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