Thursday, October 9, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

My parents They just got back a couple of weeks ago from their annual Key West bike ride & I looked through some of the pictures...they just crack me up! My parents are in the motorcycle scene & I think it's weirdly adorable.
While I don't know about that stupid headband my mom is wearing (yes, yes, I know it's functional but still...) I think this is such a cute picture of my mom & dad. Dad is known for either not wearing a shirt or wearing shirts with no sleeves. Yep. Which brings me to this picture...
Hahahaha! I seriously laughed SO hard when I saw this picture! Makes me laugh every time I look at it. I mean what the HELL is with that shirt, dad?! So it makes me laugh partially because, well, this picture is pretty damn ridiculous. But a couple of years ago my dad had to have emergency heart surgery which left him with a huge scar that went straight down his chest, along with other numerous scars where they'd made other incisions...then of course came the cancer diagnosis along with the surgery to have the tumor removed which lead to even more scars. My dad HATED his scars so much. So he started wearing shirts. As weird as this may sound to people, it was odd to see my dad covering himself so much, & being down about the way he looks. So it makes me happy to see him barely wearing shirts again!

"Toy" parties If you've never been to a sex toy party, you totally should throw one! They are so much fun. I've been to several & had a blast every time. On Sunday one of my friends is having her bachelorette party & is throwing a toy party. Basically, it's like a tupperware party with dildos instead. Here are some pictures from my bachelorette party!
A dildo you can stick to places & you know...go to town! My apartment was decorated with lots of balloons with dicks all over them!

This is the girl that's having her party on Sunday. Haha, she has black hair now & I have blond hair. Cute.
Two of my bridesmaids & a kodak moment.
Delicious "cockies" that my friend Megan made haha!

Staying busy whether I'm at school, at work, or working on a project. I've realized that I feel a lot better about myself if I'm constantly doing something. Of course I like some breaks but I can never stay still for too long. If I had a week off from work & school, I would probably feel kind of useless by the end of it, especially if I had not crafted or anything.

*Honorable mentions*
monster quest, Hillary Duff (I know, wtf..), google images, my light box still, Super Mario Galaxy, reading again, my new scarf, knitting in general, coloring books, new ideas, not letting silly things get to me, my sewing machine, true friends, good friends, loving my life, still having a crush on my husband, waking up smiling, Jimmy Eat World's album "Clarity" (the only really good album they had), cooler weather, confirmation, ♥, daisies, overcast days, dr. pepper chapstick

My new scarf that I finished a few nights ago...I guess I like purple more than I thought?

And as promised, here are new hair pictures! I didn't have a before picture, so I thought I would just add a few pictures of different things I've done to my hair
Back when I was putting red & purple in my bangs...kinda miss the purple!

Had the Bettie Page bangs for a long time...if I look wasted in this picture, it's because I am.

Me & Will a while back. This is basically what I looked like when I started cosmetology school. Then I got it all chopped off in February..

And now! So I've had my hair black for many many years & it's nice to have a change, even though I still love black hair.
My skin doesn't typically look that oily, I swear!

So. What do you guys think of the blond? I love it, but it's gonna change again soon.


classy broad said...

your parents are the cutest! <3

on an unrelated note, i was wondering how you got a *label cloud* -- mine is just in a list.


Jigsaw Youth said...

aren't they? love those guys!

here is where i got my label cloud :)

Lily said...

Love all the hair pics! The blonde looks great! I also really like your short February hair!

Your upper sleeve is GORGEOUS!!! I love it!

Jigsaw Youth said...

thanks lily! yeah i'm digging the blond, but it needs to go lighter i think haha

rubyredruca said...

I like all your hair styles!

Brook said...

your dad reminds me of my dad... shirtless... hahaha Also I have been to one of those toy parties... they are so fun... but you have to be really drunk... I was laughing so hard the whole time. I love your hair in the A-line!! it looks sssoooo beautiful! Blond is a tough thing.... have you toned it with violet?

Jigsaw Youth said...

nope, i did put some color on it though & i wish i would've just put more highlights in it i'm gonna do that soonish when one of the girls at school will do it for the free haha, i've just been using shimmer lights religiously & that's helped a lot! her party is at 3 in the afternoon?! I gotta drive back from florida that day too, so no getting wasted for me, but definitely a beer or two!

Mr X Stitch said...

I have mixed feelings about the new hair.
I think the blonde look is great, and far more natural and makes you look really nice.
But the black hair gave you that sexy edgy kinda thing.
Perhaps we can clone you and have one of each! :)

Jigsaw Youth said...

aww thanks mr xstitch! i will definitely go back to black at some point. i'm not really sure what to think of the blond either!

torrance said...

Wow, that is one HUGE plastic cock..

I love the black and purple scarf! The colours look so good together.

You're so pretty as a blond! And you were also a babe as a brunette. I went blonder too. Dyed my hair for the first time in years. I hope it's true that blonds have more fun