Monday, October 6, 2008

Recent work!

Yay, I've done some things that haven't totally disappointed me! I got really fed up with crafts for a minute because seriously, I could NOT seem to get anything right. I unraveled probably 5 scarves. Yeah. It was AWESOME. So I figured I'd put my lightbox to work some more (I fucking LOVE that thing). So I google-imaged around, found a few things I really liked, put them together, & voila! This awesome traditional style tattoo flash towel was born. It's a really nice sized towel, if I do say so myself. And I do.

Here's a close up...I am sooo pleased with how it turned out!

Ok. Next up we got the kitchenware patterns that everyone seems to be so fond of lately!
Bitchin' Kitchen indeed!

These were so much fun to do, for reals. I was so so SO happy with how they both turned out! I took my time with each of them, really practicing small perfect little stitches. And ya know what? I think I may be done with Sublime Stitching, at least for the time being. I've found so much stuff online! Even Will has said, more or less, that he feels I'm being more creative. And I really have felt more creative!

Oh but I'm not done...I stitched up a little bookmark. Nothing fancy, very simple & to the point..

Modelled by the lovely Disinformation book "You are being lied to."

Seriously, I cannot stand it when I'm trying to enjoy my book & some dumb fuck comes over to me with a zillion questions.."what are you reading?" "is it good?" "what's it about?" "is that the author that wrote book that one time that was really good?" "have you read the secret yet?"

I hate that! Haha

So I thought fuck off is a pretty good bookmark so you don't have to say anything at all. I plan on doing another one along the same lines but with less curse words.

So all these, the towels & the bookmark were added to my etsy shop! And I'm not gonna lie. I think they're all badass. So I hope someone else thinks so too. Enough to purchase them. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Well, guess I'm going to go back to crafting! I'm working on a couple of scarves (keeping my fingers crossed!) & about to start working on a onesie!


Sherezada said...

These all rock! The little kitchen kettles are so cute, and the flash tat just pops so beautifully. Your stitching just keeps getting better and better! :)

Jigsaw Youth said...

Thank you! I feel like I'm getting better :)

Brook said...

the font for "bitchin kitchen" is so awesome!! I want a light box as well!!! I am starting on my hooded scarf tonight!! I am soooo embroidered out right now... I cant even stand to see a needle and floss... hahaha... I need to replenish my stash though! i sold so much at the craft show now I have nothing cute left... but I am going to selfishly make myself my little red riding hood scarf!

Jigsaw Youth said...

congrats on doing well at the craft show lady! sounds like fun :)
i feel like i'm on an embroidery kick right now haha, like a burst of ideas..and i can't knit as well as you to make a hooded scarf so my options are kinda limited!
get a light box! i love mine so much

Anonymous said...

I love the "bitchin kitchen" one! So cute!

Jigsaw Youth said...

Thanks! I'm happy with it! Now if only someone will buy it haha

Nosnin said...

The "bitchin' kitchen" towel is my favorite! Very cute. You make the cutest stuff!