Thursday, October 2, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

this TILT is kind of challenging right now because, to be honest, i'm in a pretty bitchy mood & would rather just crawl in bed & sleep the rest of the day.

i guess this is the whole point of it though. even when you're having shitty days, you have to find the good in it, because there always is something to be grateful & thankful for. so here we go!

my new instructor we have a new instructor at ye olde beauty school & she is fucking awesome. i've learned so much from her already & she's not even been at our school a week! i'm so glad to finally have a teacher that i feel i can learn something from, that is qualified to teach, & is not completely emotionally unstable. yippee!

my new hair! it's blond! i love it love it love it. it's so weird seeing myself blond though. also, shimmer lights fucking rocks. i'll have to throw some blue in there pretty soon. now i definitely look like my mother's daughter haha.

my light box ohhh yeah, i love it! i'd printed out several things to be stitched up a few days ago but i'm holding off because it seems every project i've started has not turned out right at all. the universe does not want me crafting, i can feel it. i'll go to school more, universe! i'll spend less time on crafts, i promise! back to the light is amazing & i can't wait to start embroidering some of it soon!

*honorable mentions*
my new & improved wedding band/engagement ring ♥, napping on the couch snuggled with will, burritos with lots of soy sour cream, red bull, video games, new job prospects!, will giggling uncontrollably for 10 minutes , self warming facial masks, my amazing friends, closure


Lily said...

I am so in love with my light box too! They are fabulous! Hope you feel better soon!

Brook said...

Matrix So Silver is my favorite blue shampoo, its really dark blue! you have to try it! TAKE A PIC OF YOUR HAIR!!! I want to see it!!!

Jigsaw Youth said...

lily-i agree 100%! love it! started on an embroidery last night :)

brook-i'll have to give that a shot if shimmer lights doesn't cut it. and i'll take a pic soon, i promise!

Anonymous said...

Show your hair color! I myself have been considering going to Paul Mitchell Hair Academy, but it's a big commitment and so expensive. Also I'm one year away from my BA, so it almost seems weird to want to go in a completely different direction!

Jigsaw Youth said...

i would have LOVED to go to paul mitchell, but i didn't live close to one & you know...the whole $14,000 tuition thing..but it's such an amazing school. i know a girl that went there & she absolutely loved going there & learned a lot. she's really talented. i would say if it's something you're interested in, go for it, but i probably wouldn't go to paul mitchell if it's not your "dream" ya know?

and i'll be sure to post pics soon!

TiLT said...

Must. see. hair.
I have been an avid hair changer since I was about 12. I have slowed down as the years add on..but I always love to see other's changes. Not knowing the before - we'd need a duo pic.

Jigsaw Youth said...

yup, i'm the same way. i had not seen my natural haircolor in over a decade & decided it was time for a break. grew all the black out of my hair for over a year & went blond! not dying it that whole time just about killed me though!

Mr X Stitch said...

I think there is a public consensus that we need to see this new hair of yours RK! You can't tease us like this!

And I'd like to know more about the lightbox as well. Sounds cool!