Thursday, August 28, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

new body pillows
i'm kinda weird about my bedding, if you haven't already noticed what with me always bringing up my bed. anyways, i go through them pretty quickly since i really wrap myself around them the whole night (which can make for awkward snuggling haha). it really has to be pretty fluffy for me to go to sleep faster, and of course, more comfortably. so i bought a new one today. and a cute new cover with huge brown, pink, & light purple polka dots all over it!

coming home to a clean house
so yesterday when i came home to throw on my work uniform & rush out the door i noticed that the bed was neatly made, the litter was sifted, the house looked....clean! so i left Will a note on our dry erase board saying "YOU ARE FUCKING AWESOME! ♥" he does help out a lot around the house, but it was nice to come home to. that boy is fucking fab-u-lous!

getting more than 4 hours of sleep
holy shit! the past 2 night i've gone to bed waaay before my usual 2 am. it's been more like 10:30-11. and it's been amazing. i've had some pretty bad insomnia for a few years and would really really enjoy some prescription sleeping pills, but i haven't gone to the doctor yet for them. so the past 2 night when i've come home from work, i immediately take OTC sleeping pills & melatonin. then i hop in a hot shower for a good 30 minutes & then, here's the trick i think...not get on the internet! i'll check my email, update twitter, and that's it. and it's been working. so maybe i'll try it again tonight!

days off!!
so if any of you know my schedule, you know it's pretty hectic. i "work" over 60 hours a week. i put it in quotes because i'm at cosmetology school from 8-2 (8-4 on days i don't work) and anyone who's been to cosmetology school knows it's basically a second job. we aren't sitting around reading a book. we're on the floor doing hair ALL DAY. after that, i drive home, change clothes & go to work till about 9-9:30. i do this 4 or 5 days a week. my day off is sunday. yep. day being singular. so due to a (possible) hurricane & labor day, i have monday & tuesday TOTALLY OFF!! i'm stoked. i really don't know what i'll do with myself. 3 full days a row? crazaay!

*honorable mentions*
listening to L7, bikini kill, sleater-kinney, babes in toyland, & le tigre for hours
playing my nintendo ds in bed next to will playing his ds :)
good smelling soy candles (they are the BEST!)
bubble baths
blueberry scented organic facewash
acai smoothies
going through old issues of BUST & Bitch magazine
"holding onto anger, resentment, & hurt only gives you tense muscles, a headache and a sore jaw from clenching your teeth. forgiveness gives you back the laughter & lightness in your life."


Brook said...

I love my body pillow! its ssoooo soft I don't sleep with it though I sleep on it like a regular pillow... hahaha

Jigsaw Youth said...

haha, well i sleep with like, 20 million pillows! i told Will that i may need to buy another one again soon & he told me that i was getting compulsive..pashaw!

Vulvaline said...

Hah! For xmas(ish) a couple of years ago, I made AK47 a U shaped body pillow. (I called it the bonut) It ended up being so big and fluffy that I could barely sleep in the bed with her and that thing at the same time. It was like I had to wrap my arms around it and hang various parts over the edge to keep from falling off in the middle of the night! The thing is we have a super deluxe monster king sized bed that sits almost chest high off the floor...I could have died. So I unstuffed it the next june and made her a pillow case for a regular one.

btw. started the blogginess again. yay.

Jigsaw Youth said...

yeah body pillows are definitely not snuggle friendly, but i just can't sleep without one..i noticed the blogginess! yay!