Monday, August 25, 2008

I love U cross stitch

so last night i was trying to learn how to crochet because the craftster girls make it look so damn easy! well, my hands did not wanna cooperate. i got the basics pretty much down, but it's gonna be a minute before i can do anything that i wouldn't be embarrassed about posting.

anyway, i decided to take a little needlework break & do this quick little cross stitch for Will as part of his anniversary gift. we got married on 9/8/07 (easy to remember!) it's zelda from legend of zelda. who doesn't love this game? i know me & Will both do!

i'm working on another cross stitch right now but the kind of frame i wanted i couldn't find at hobby lobby :(
hopefully i'll find it soon though.
that's all, just a little craft update!


Brook said...

crochet is really easy as long as someone shows u how to do it ! Crochet goes really quickly but I LOVE LOVE LOVE knitting...

Jigsaw Youth said...

me too! and shit, if crochet goes by really quickly, i definitely need some practice. i watched some videos online too & they helped some.

Sherezada said...

Awww! That is so cute! I'm sure he'll love it. :)

I hear you on the crochet thing. I keep trying to get the hang of regular ol' knitting, and usually after an hour I hide the mess I made and pull out the embroidery again. ;)

Zack Newcott said...

crochet torments me in how easy it looks, and how definitely complicated it seems every time I try to pick it up.
knitting on the other hand is pretty fantastic... as long as you're making a scarf. Apart from that though, dang it sucks.
Well done on the cross-stitching though, I'm currently learning.

Jigsaw Youth said...

haha, yeah a few simple things are about as far as i get with knitting too. keep it up with cross stitching! it's fun & pretty simple!