Monday, September 1, 2008

Pacman & Megaman

so i've tried to keep busy with some projects lately & here's a couple i've completed..megaman & pacman! i actually thought of the frames first before i even started but then after i'd finished the megaman one, i could NOT find the frame i had envisioned! i went to target...nothing. walmart..nothing. hobby lobby...nothing! so i was in the dollar general one day getting some things for my work & decided to take a look at the frames...lo & behold...the perfect frames! yay!

i like the pacman one best. notice that they're all looking at each other :)

i wanted them both to look like an action sequence type deal. megaman goes from standing, to running, to shooting, & to jumping. the one mistake i made on megaman though is that i cut away too much of the canvas..:( that sucks. so i'm going to sell that one for pretty cheap on etsy.

all in all, i'm happy with them! i have another embroidery project i'm working on right now & several ideas for other cross stitches. i think next will be a hail satan one! haha. then a prochoice one and then..i don't know. something! i had to scratch my hello kitty idea because someone else has done it & i don't want anyone thinking i'm stealing their ideas or trying to copy them. i may do a little simple knitting project as well. continue working on my crocheting skills. woo! i love some days off! i get to devote more time to crafting :)

on a side not, is anyone else having problems with craftster? it's being so fucking slow with me & it's so irritating! it's been like that for about a week now.

in other news, i hope everyone is doing well with the hurricane. we haven't gotten much over here, just quite a bit of rain & wind. i know we're lucky.


Brook said...

geeze! everyone is doing video games x-stitch!!! I am a video game HATER!!! but I do appreciate the old school games... especially Mrs. PacMan.

Jigsaw Youth said...

i love video games! but only the old school ones, i'm not into that new shit!

ghost of keywork said...

Idk, that Mega Man piece is pretty fucking boss.

Sherezada said...

These are so friggin' cool! I love the little PacMac ghost guys! Great frames for them was worth the mission you went on, methinks. :)

Jigsaw Youth said...

thanks! ghost of keywork-megaman actually sold within like..a couple of hours of me putting it on etsy! so i guess someone else thinks that too :)

sherezada-i think so too! i love them, & they were CHEAP!