Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

skipping school
i really try not to, and i've been especially good as of late, but this morning the alarm started going off & after several snooze button slaps later, i finally just turned the damn thing off. in retrospect, i should have gone to school, really. i don't have to work tonight so it wasn't going to be a long day, but i just could not get myself out of the bed this morning. i woke up at around 9:30 or 10 & went back to sleep at 11 & woke back up at 1:30. pure bliss!

having no car problems!
what a relief it is to wake up & not have to worry about my car. i have dealt with car problems since i was 16 years old. i've been through an 88 oldsmobile, my parents van (who hasn't?), a 93 honda accord, & a 93 nissan maxima. i cannot tell you the thousands of dollars i've spent on each of these cars just to keep them running. fuck some car problems.

my dad
i stopped by to see him a few days ago & he seems to be doing really well. his hair hasn't completely fallen out either! but his armpit hair has, which is weird..either way, he's gained some weight back & he seemed pretty much like his normal self. he's so fucking tough, my concerns for him have almost completely dissipated. my mom said she showed him my interview for craftster & he got all teary eyed! what the hell! my dad has always been a man of little emotions (thanks marines!) up until recently.

bikini kill
my all-time favorite band. i've been listening to them a lot lately. unfortunately, all my cds got stolen a few years ago & pussy whipped & the cd version of the first 2 records, along with all the old le tigre albums are gone. i will have to order them if i ever want them again. this makes me a sad panda. anyway! kathleen hanna stepped into my life when i was a young teenage angsty girl with more than a few issues with men & she has held my heart ever since then. in fact, that's where my names, jigsaw youth & star bellied doll come from. if you don't know about bikini kill, you need to.
they inspire me endlessly & if kathleen hanna were to come up to me today & said she'd be my wife, i would totally leave Will (sorry sweetie!)

*honorable mentions*
my ds is getting a lot of attention lately
mint shampoo
candlelit bubble baths
being almost halfway done with my cross stitch!
vivid dreams (and not nightmares, finally!)
naps on my couch
blackberry & pomegranate yogurt
neil gaiman & amanda palmer collaborating, eee!


D. Combs said...

Glad you got your car troubles worked out. Glad to hear positive stuff about your dad. I can't even imagine.

Jigsaw Youth said...

thank you, i'm really happy my dad is doing better. chemotherapy has been pretty rough on his body the past few times.

Karin said...

skipping school is one of my guilty pleasures as well... oh well :)

Brook said...

um ditching beauty school is how you graduate beauty school... or at least how I did...because if you don't ditch you will just quit... I totally had that place rigged... I changed my time cards all the time :) oh.... well I needed my beauty rest....

Jigsaw Youth said...

haha, well they write down the times we come in so i can't do that..but yeah there's no way i would make it if i didn't skip a day here & there :)

C said...

i wish we lived closer so we could be bff's. hehehehe...

what i mean is, i've got pretty much the entire kathleen hannah discography, and i would be willing to share!

happy thursday.


Jigsaw Youth said...

ahh that's so awesome!!
hey i tried to go to your blog, but i can't? if i can't even see your blog, we definitely can't be bff's haha

Vulvaline said...

hah. that's because i started blogging and then stopped cause i am a grade a weenie. it's also 'cause i get bogged down with my life. blahdeblah.

so maybe now that i have someone who wants to read it, i'll get posting every now and again. i am fully sporadic at best, i warn you now!