Sunday, August 10, 2008

i got a new car, i got a new car!

yes! finally! yesterday i purchased my first brand new car! it's a 2008 honda civic.

this is what i drove before..

of course, the picture above looks nothing like my old car does now...everything's pretty much falling off of it, the yellow primer underneath is showing. a beauty it was not. the past 6 months my car was in and out of the shop. i actually just got finished spending $900 dollars on it 2 months ago just to put it back in the shop not even a month later. i had problems with it almost every week & i was really fed up.

friday morning i got into my car to go to school & the car would not crank. marvelous! i sat there & tried & tried. nothing. i called my mom & told her the news. suprise mom! this car's still a piece of shit! so i woke will up & asked him to take me to school. on the way i said fuck this, tomorrow i am getting a new car.

i had planned on getting a new car soon, because honestly i couldn't afford/didn't see the point in continuing pumping money into a car that was 15 years old & had racked up 250,000 miles anyway. i didn't plan on getting one this soon, but i wasn't about to wait another week to see what else was going to go wrong with my old car.

so after being at the dealership from 11-4, i drove off in my new hot car.
this is the first time in my life i'm not worrying about my vehicle. i've never even driven anything that was less than a decade old.


ok, now i'm going to go work on my cross stitch! it's going to take forever haha


Anonymous said...

Congrats! A Honda Civic was my first new car too! I loved it and drove it for a few years before my boyfriend talked me into buying an SUV because we were having a baby. So stupid! I should have kept it. That car kicked ass!

Formerly Fun said...

Ok, add me to the list. I drove the same pice o'shit fo eva, also got tired of being nickled and dimed every other month when something fell off of, or out of the car. Bought a shiny black Honda Civic and drove that car for 8 years, never in the shop once and I probably got like 7 oil changes the whole time I owned it. It was easy to park, really good pick up for a little 4 cylinder and the mileage rocked.Good little fucking car, hope it went to a good home. I traded it in for a new Honda Accord Hybrid like three years ago and love that too. Enjoy your new car, you picked well grasshopper.

Jigsaw Youth said...

haha thanks, i love hondas..i used to have an accord & probably still would had i not slammed it into a tree

Lily said...

Congrats on the new car! I drive a Civic hybrid and it's pretty much the love of my life! I had a shit ass Ford Contour before and it always broke down on me. You will LOVE your new car! Have fun!

Also, congrats on opening up your etsy shop! That's really cool and quite an accomplishment! I hope to do the same soon.

Jigsaw Youth said...

thanks lily! yeah so far i LOOOVE it! i put gas in it on sunday & it's now friday night & i still have a little less than half a tank. i do a LOT of driving it!

and i can't believe you haven't opened up a shop yet, get on it girl! :)