Saturday, March 7, 2009

666, the nuuuumber of the beeeeeast!

So I was tagged by TiLT for a little picture game! You pick the 6th file in the 6th folder of your picture file and post it. This is what came up!

This is a pic of me & Will driving into Disney World for our honeymoon. Doesn't it look scary? I said to him, "It looks like we're driving straight into doom!" And truth be told, it rained every. single. day we were there. Not all day long or anything, a lot of times it was beautiful, but every day at some point it would start raining. One of my favorite memories is when we were going to see the Epcot fireworks light show display thingie & it was literally like we were sitting in a hurricane. We had our ponchos on, our umbrella. We were sitting on a bench watching the light show while it was pouring down rain. I know that may seem like a weird "favorite" memory but it really is one of mine!

I really really wanna go back ♥

So now I gotta tag 6 peeps!








Brook said...

Oh my god!!! That is my CA disneylands satan sister!!! what a scary photo.... I like it though! My favorite Disneyland memories are when its raining as well...

Rachel said...

I know, right?! I love the rain! Whenever it would start raining we would just go grab some beers & sit somewhere until it passed over.

Bliss said...

I grew up in Disney's back yard. It seems like it rains at least once every day, even if for a second. Florida's weather is wacky. It's all that dang moisture!

Wade said...

I'll never forget going there and it raining every day. But the rain has healing powers. We found a wheelchair in the middle of the park with nobody around. YUP. Magic rain.