Thursday, December 11, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

Cookie Party! Yeah, it sounds straight out of the Sarah Silverman Show, but it is real & is one of my family's traditions. Every year, all the women in my family make like 3 dozen homemade cookies & bring an ornament to exchange. Last year was the first year I was forced to go I happily went. Since I'm a part of the "married club" that means I automatically know how to bake cookies, according to my aunts. I was not into the idea. At all. I don't do that stuff. I don't even have a cookie sheet. My mom helped with the cookies last year. This year she will straight up make them & buy "my" ornament. I'm still not really into it but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. And free cookies! As I've said before, we have a really close family...and I love them all very much, but sometimes, whew! They can be exhausting.

The book "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" When someone tells me that a book is particularly gross or disturbing, I always compare it to American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis, which is by far the most evil & horrifyingly grotesque book I've ever read in my life. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is disgusting, politically incorrect,'s just plain wrong but on a completely different scale than American Psycho. It's so so soooo entertaining! Some of the events & some of the things said seriously makes me want to give the guy a hug even though he's obviously a huge shitbag douche. He's still hilarious & must have the hugest balls of any man.

The Lonely Island
This is a comedy troupe with one of the guys, Andy Samberg being on SNL...they are fucking hilarious. This past Saturday they debuted their first single for their new album "Incredibad"'s called Jizz in my Pants. I about died when it came on!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh my god, I am so mature!
Also, Will & I named 2 of our cats after 2 of the guys-Ardy (Andy) & cats have theme songs, do yours? Yeah, didn't think so.

*Honorable Mentions*
my mom fishing on Animal Crossing, waking up early enough for breakfast, getting text messages at 1 in the morning of pictures of Las Vegas, my "forever rebel" beer cozy, MrXStitch reciting George Carlin's Filthy 7, waking up to thunderstorms, Greek food, cold weather, knitting, having the sweetest most awesome friends, Gwar,


Mr X Stitch said...

Glad that seven words from me could bring you so much pleasure. :)

I've been baking loads of Xmas goodies lately.

Made some of this covered in chocolate. It's easy but it's great:

Try it - put' em in bags with a ribbon on it. Easy Xmas treats!

Rachel said...

thanks jamie! they sound delish :) if i ever own a cookie sheet or anything like that i'll give em a shot!

beefranck said...

Bwhahahahaha! That video is HILARIOUS!

I used to bake and bring cookies to work at least once a week, but it's hard to find the time anymore. Some find it strange that I bake for fun when I'm allergic to eggs, but it's just so damn satifying to make something awesome, even if you can't enjoy it yourself. :)

Rachel said...

you're allergic to eggs? that's gotta suck! but that's incredibly sweet of you to bake cookies for people although you can't enjoy them :)

Crystal Rhew said...

I never thought if giving my cat a theme song! Hmmmmm. Must think on that.