Friday, December 19, 2008

Hey, remember when this was a craft blog?

I feel like there has been a lack in craft-related posts lately, so I figured I'd go ahead & show some of the stuff I've finished lately!

First up, the apron that I talked about making for my friend, Marlena..I finished it a looooong time ago & she's received it & loves it. Score!

Here's the whole thang
Kind of a shitty picture, but you get the idea! I was really happy with it, even though embroidering those pockets were a BITCH.

Then there is my Colbert cross stitch. I love Stephen Colbert, who doesn't? I had to stitch up one of his infamous intro phrases, the newest one being "Factose Intolerant"

available @ my etsy for $20.00!

Had to go with the red & blue border, of course :)

Then I made the nerdy HTML cross stitch which translates to end patriarchy. I dig it! I'm on this black & white cross stitch kick right now & I love it, especially with the white frame.

available @ my etsy for $15.00!

What else, what else....oh! I added a new scarf! I've been in the knitting mood lately, I even have another pretty scarf to add, but I need to take some pics's my Chocolate & Cotton Candy scarf.

available @ my etsy for $23.00!

Snarl for the camera haha! It was actually really cold that day so after Will took my shop picture I had to throw my hoodie on. Can you tell how short I am? I think I look crazy short in this picture, but that's ok, because I am crazy short. And yes, I just keep getting more & more blond. It's practically white!

And the other night I did a quick little embroidery for a shirt that needed a little makeover. I hadn't embroidered in so long! It was really nice, I forgot how much I enjoy it...and now I feel like I have a whole new shirt!
I love embroidering clothes. Now I plan on tackling some of my skirts with more of the anatomical em!

So there ya go guys, finally a good hefty craft update. I'm working on my first open-work scarf right now & I'm really pleased with how it's turning out & how easy it is! I also am just about finished with a cross stitch (I think I found my favorite font!) & I already have another one in mind. And now that I finally have some time off, I can work on them rather quickly! Yay!


beefranck said...

Look at all the crafty goodness! :)

I love the Colbert stitch. At one point my ringtone was him yelling "Your phone is ringing! Your phone is ringing!" :)

Rachel said...

haha! hmm...maybe i need a new ringtone...? :)

sewphie said...

lovin your new projects- especially the tee

Brook said...

Yes your hair is getting lighter!! What are you doing? bleaching it some more??? I LOVE BLEACH!!! hahah I want to see a pic with the headband I made!! I think they look cutest in short hair!

Rachel said...

thanks sewphie!

brook-i haven't been bleaching it, the last time i had it bleached was a loooong time ago & it was mainly just a retouch on the new growth but TONERS ARE AWESOME! I've been using violet toners & shimmer lights & it's really lightening it up! i'll take a pic with the headband as soon as i camera is broken :(

Crystal Rhew said...

Great stuff!!

Rachel said...