Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Breath out, so I can breath you in..

So I was asked to do 2 custom orders for Etsy & when I was told that the subjects were Dave Grohl & Mike Patton, I was more than pleased to make them! I loooove some Foo Fighters & I loooove some Faith No More too.

If you guys don't know who either of these people are then FUCK YOU! Haha, juuuust kidding! But really...what's up with that?

I've decided to include 2 of my favorite videos from the bands, just for shits & giggles.

Everlong has to be probably my favorite Foo Fighters song. Seriously, when I listen to it, it makes me all choked up because i'm super fucking lame. I guess because it reminds me of me & Will. AWWWWW! The video's pretty awesome too.
And this is the cross stitch that she wanted...I think the phrase was super adorable, especially with the little hearts!

Yes. Yes he does.

Oh lordy lordy, I can't tell you how in love I am with Mike Patton. I remember the first time I saw one of Faith No More's videos, Epic, to be exact. I was in 4th grade & we were at our beach house for vacation. I was of course inside because me & the sun, we are not friends. Literally, I've been sent to the hospital with second degree burns on my arms from the sun. Physical therapy, my arms in slings, the whole nine yards. ANYWAY! My brother & I were watching Mtv & it came on...ohhh it was over! Hot guy with long hair bouncing around in an incredibly silly video..yeah, I was hooked. I had the biggest BIGGEST crush.

Ahhh...the '90s.

These aren't the frames that they'll be shipped with, she wanted the gold frame that was used for the grow a pair x stitch.

Yay! I love custom orders!

I really need to make the cross stitch that I thought of last night...I"ll give you a hint. It involves Stephen Colbert!


beefranck said...

Wow, you make me feel so old. :) I went to see Faith No More and was super thrilled that I got Mike Patton's sweat on me. :D

Great designs! I can't wait to see the Colbert stitch!

classy broad said...

everlong is *my* favorite song by them too! <3 the lyrics, oh my!
great job!


Rachel said...

Ooooh color me JEALOUS! I would love to see them! Mike Patton has about 28 billion side projects though, so I suppose I can settle :) sorry for making ya feel old too haha!
I'm excited about the Colbert one! I already can see the border in my head

craft pig said...

That's a pretty sweet custom order! They look great!

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

OMFG, I love me some Stephen Colbert. Seriously. I am America and so can you

Rachel said...

Thanks guys! Yeah, DPH, I concur! I love the shit outta Colbert & I'm pretty stoked about the project!

Sherezada said...

Mike Patton totally makes everything better! Great stitching! I love the little heart.

I love FNM, and I got to see him live when he was playing with Fantomas. He is just AMAZING.

BTW...he has a huge role in one of my favorite video games, "The Darkness," where he gets to use his sexy/creepy voice talents. :)

Rachel said...

thanks sherezada! yeah, he really really does make everything better! i could listen to him talk alllll day haha