Saturday, September 27, 2008

First try at color tinting

so i have been finding some really cool images online to embroider (thanks google images!) & i found this one..
it just looks like the perfect anchor to embroider with such simple lines.

as i started stitching i wasn't planning on using any satin stitch. but then it just looked so blah without any. so i started stitching the red & blue. well then that's all i could see. ugh. i was not about to stitch the entire anchor, and i really don't think it would've looked right even if i did. i thought "why not try color tinting?" so i did!

i have to say, i really like this technique! it really does add a lot to the piece i think! it's not perfect, but i think it turned out really well. i'm pleased with it :) i know now though, if i'm going to do color tinting i need to do it before i start the stitching. it was kind of hard to make it look completely smooth when i was trying to color next to the stitches.
it's available at my etsy store as well!

and i know i say this a lot, but i will probably be taking somewhat of a break soon from crafting, mainly because i am a broke ass & really can't afford to do crafting as much as i'd like, especially the jewelry part. and i was so excited about jewelry making! shit's expensive!

i still have a bit of supplies though, so i'll still be crafting for the time being...


Brook said...

Oh my gosh I looooovvvee that anchor! its so cool! you did such a wonderful job!!! Google does have wonderful images. I need to try the tinting! I just bought myself a box of crayons! so fun! And about jewelry... yes it can be ssooo expensive! I sort of gave up on jewelry because the overhead was too high! A really really great place to buy stuff is especially on swarovski crystals! I buy all my stuff from their and NEVER buy it from the craft stores because its way too much especially if you plan on selling it! totally check it out! they also have BEAUTIFUL pendants.

Jigsaw Youth said...

thanks brook! yeah google is gonna be really helpful for some embroidery ideas. try tinting! pimp stitch has an awesome tutorial here. i knew jewelry making would be expensive but i seriously cannot afford stuff right now & it sucks! i'll have to check out that website :)

rubyredruca said...

Anchor looks adorable!

Mr X Stitch said...

Thanks for putting that link to the pimp stitch tutorial on here - that's saved me asking a load of questions.

Surely if you're a bit broke that merely means you have to be even more resourceful in your craftiness..? Start tearing up some old clothes and stitch on them instead or something.
You is very creative like that - I reckon you'll have a breakthrough on something new like doing shirts with tattoo embroidery on them for people too afraid to go under the needle.

Jigsaw Youth said...

ya know what's funny? i have been thinking about stitching on some clothes! and shoes too!

thanks mr x stitch :)

Sherezada said...

This looks fabulous! I seriously love the way the tinted anchor looks with the bright red and blue beside it. You did a great job.

As for your break, everyone needs one now and again, so they can come back refreshed (even if that wasn't the original intent). I'm sure you'll still get lots of ideas while on hiatus. :)

Jigsaw Youth said...

thank you! i really like it too! i wanted to use nautical colors & i think it turned out pretty well.

as for the ideas, i have lots..almost too many! my fingers cannot work fast enough :)

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

VERY cute! You know my piratey ass loves anchors!

I just finished my first piece last night and I'm really happy with the way it turned out!

Jigsaw Youth said...

thanks DPH! and p.s. I WANNA SEE THAT SHIT!!