Sunday, October 26, 2008

My brain is dead

Last night me & Will went to a Halloween party & had a BLAST! We got to see some old friends & meet new friends. I got offered another job! The girl, Tiffany, was like, "Hurry up & finish school so you can come work with me!" I met another girl that worked at M.A.C. who seemed super cool & told me my makeup looked good :) Aaaaand my adorably pregnant friend Danica has been asking for a craft night for a long time now because she's in the whole "nesting" mode & has been sewing her own cloth diapers & stuff. So me, Tiffany, Cassie (M.A.C. girl), Danica & Joni all plan on having a craft night soon! Also me & Will's buddy Sean Herman, of tattoo fame, lives in Mobile now & works at Royal St. Tattoo now so we can possibly get some work done by him at some point (he's booked till March) He is an insanely talented artist & I can't wait to get worked on by him! So weird to think that kid used to be a crazy Jesus lovin' kid. We brought it up last night & his response was, "God stopped putting out" HAHA!
I told him I'd pay for Will's tattoos too haha. Will has ZERO! Anyway, I had a great time last night & I'm still recuperating but I do have some crafts for ya!

available @ my Etsy for $5

available @ my Etsy for $15


Loca4crafts said...

Sounds like a fun party. I love the second project.

Rachel said...

It was an aweosme party! And yeah I love the second one too :)

torrance said...

The colours are pretty cool :) Looks great with the black background

Rachel said...

thanks torrance!

Glenda said...

"boo fucking hoo" -- oh, I just LOVE that one!! That would be nice to have on a t-shirt sometimes.