Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

sundays are my only off day so i enjoy it thoroughly! going between school & work all week gets really exhausting so i usually sleep really late...some days i can sleep til 3 or 4...yeah, i'm TIRED! but every sunday me & will go to cracker barrel. i don't know how it started but it's been going on for a while. everyone knows us there & we always get the same thing, like an old married couple :)
after that, we'll come home & clean up the house & i'll either read or craft or just sit around and be a lazy ass. sometimes i'll go the whole nine yards & give myself a mani/pedi, take bubble baths, put on facial masks..just girl the hell out. it's awesome. i totally love my sundays!

My Mom
she's probably the cutest woman alive, & definitely the best person alive. she's my bff. she stopped by the other day with beer & wine for no reason and we hung out & talked & drank for a while before her & my dad went to see crosby, stills, & nash. yup, they're awesome. something else i've always admired about her, among many things: as cheesy as this sounds, i am so grateful she wasn't my "friend" when i was growing up. after i was out of the house, and an "adult" was when we got to get on the friendship level. she had done her duty as a parent. i always liked that.

My amazing bed
i know i always bring my bed up in these, but really. shit's comfortable as hell. i came home early from school today because i'm having a horrible "time" if ya know what i mean ladies. like, really really bad. and i climbed into my bed & it was like getting a giant hug from a cloud. we have so many pillows & insanely fluffy comforters & body pillows, it's literally like lying in...well, dammit, i have to use the word almost every night when me & will are going to bed, i say "god i love this bed." my bed & it's comfort level are very important to me.

*honorable mentions*
my crush on project runway's kenley
getting to be on the august feature for needlework on craftster
strawberry shortcake all the time
realizing i don't have as much time left in school as i thought! w00t!
going to the GYM! it's really made me feel a lot better.


Brook said...

I love Kenely too... but I don't understand what you were saying... she is going to be on craftster for strawberry shortcake? what?

Brook said...

hahaha what an idiot... Now I see that you were making a list... hahaha I read it really fast and pretty much my mind spit out... Kineley is going to be featured on craftster for embroidering Strawberry shortcake...

Jigsaw Youth said...

haha! you're silly, girl! i read it & yeah i can totally see why you'd put that together :D