Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh, hello cross stitch. I missed you.

It had been too long...way too long since I had gone on a cross stitching binge. I'm still in the throes of it, but I thought I'd post a few that I've done in the past couple of weeks.
First up, a custom order for my friend. This was inspired by an actual sign in Alabama (BIBLE BELT REPRAZENT!)

I accidentally made it heart shaped. But ya know, I think that's kinda perfect. Wanna see the sign that it's inspired by? Sure you do!
If there's one thing I love about living in Alabama, it's the hilarious church signs. Fucking priceless. I'm thinking about making another one to add to my Etsy shop...hmm...maybe...

Now here's one that I recently added. I had already done the quote before but I thought I'd do another & change it up a bit. This was a quote from Tina Fey & goddamn, I just thought it was hilarious & so SO true. Check out the skit here. And ok, yeah, I changed "stuff" to "shit". Thought it had a better ring to it. So sue me. don't sue me.

available @ my Etsy for $17!

Going back to the church-y kinda stuff, I took inspiration from one of my husband's old T-shirts & made this little gem. The lesser known 11th commandment!
I really really love this one. I was going for that stone tablet appeal. Well, for the font at least.

And then I was inspired by one of my all-time favorite video games, Super Mario Bros 3. Now, I think that across the board, gamers hate water levels of all kinds. But man, I really think the water levels in SMB3 are a real fucking bitch. Thank jeebus for the frog suit.

available @ my Etsy for $16!

I cannot tell you how many times my husband & I have uttered these words. Ugh. Fucking HATE water levels.

I'll be listing at least one more cross stitch this week. Keep those eyes peeled!


CraftyHope said...

I LOVE that you were inspired by that sign. As soon as I saw your cross stitch, that was the sign I thought of. I know the exact spot on I-65 where it is. I always look for it when I travel. AWESOME!!!

Brook said...

hahahah i love them all!!! the bible belt sign kills me hahahahahah

even-star said...

I need the bitches get things done one for my desk at work!

Anonymous said...

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