Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Passing my written exam! Yes that's right, I have one more exam to pass (the practical) & then I will officially be a licensed cosmetologist! I wasn't too nervous about taking the exam but I was still a little frazzled. I stayed up way late the night before my exam getting my husband to quiz me. After I was giving him the answer before he could get the question out, he called it quits & said I have nothing to worry about. And you know what? He was right! I made that exam my bitch. Basically. I also got a very sweet shout out & congratulations from the Emergency Pants crew. Thanks guys!

Melissa's wedding So one of my good friends, Melissa, got married Tuesday & I got to be in the wedding. I know it sounds weird but I love being in weddings! I'm such a cheeseball about that kinda stuff. I almost cried while we were all walking out to All You Need is Love. It was a gorgeous wedding & a lot of fun. And it was at a castle! How fucking cool is that?!

Children's books I don't know what compelled me, but for some reason I was feeling nostalgic & looked through the most popular children's books when I was a kid. Some of my favorites included The Real Mother Goose, The Value of Believing in Yourself: The Story of Louis Pasteur, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Little Engine That Could, Goodnight Moon, Best Word Book Ever, Where The Wild Things Are, and a whole lot more that I can't recall. I really wish I still had them :(

♥ honorable mentions ♥
learning how to play Dominoes, peach jello shots, baby Oliver, Will coming by my work just to bring me a muffin he made from scratch, business picking up, compliments on my tattoos from strangers, not stressing, my new hair!(I cut a LOT off!)


micheleleigh said...

congrats on passing your exam! :)

I BLEED PINK said...

Woo Hoo...on passing your exam!!

Rachel said...

Thanks guys! It was definitely easier than I thought :)

craft pig said...

Best Word Book Ever!!! I love Richard Scarry books!!!

congrats on passin your test!

Rachel said...

I love Richard Scarry toooo! They don't make children's books like they used to, that's for sure.

devochka said...
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devochka said...

ahem....where're the photos of the new hairs?

Annnnnnnnd, I couldn't help but notice it's been a while since you've been thankful, gurrrh. You know you've been featured around my new place, right?
and yeeesh, I did delete my comment...what of it?! It's only because I couldn't get the link right, apparently.

kittykill said...

Congrats! That's awesome!