Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Pain No, not the emotional or physical kind, but the band! If you've never ever heard of them, that's ok, because they're a local band. They are basically my youth encapsulated in happy, nerdy, funny music. I can't tell you how many times I've seen them because it feels like every single weekend they were playing somewhere. I've been listening to them constantly lately because they make me sooo happy. Me & Will have successfully spread the love of Pain all the way to Chicago! Bridget, you just say the word (if you even read this anymore?) and we'll send some cds :) And now for your viewing pleasure, a video! Obviously very 90s. Ah....I miss being 13.

Hot chocolate before bed This has become somewhat of a ritual for me lately. Most people drink hot tea. I like hot chocolate. Make it with soy milk & I'm out like a light pretty soon after that.

Moving! Ok, actually I really hate the "moving" part but I love being in a new place. Although we're moving to a smaller apartment ($$$ is tight) I like to think of it as moving to a "cozier" apartment. Although I'll miss our place since it's mine & Will's first place together as a married couple! Yeah, we're super gay for each other, I know.

Will's finished(almost) tattoo! Yay! It's basically done! There's going to be more stuff added to the bottom & a few other touches, but it's basically finished & looks glorious.

I know. I'm jealous too.

♥ honorable mentions ♥
my cute new bangs, getting my hair done for the free, dressing up for work, turqoise eyeshadow, meeting new people & seeing old friends, having the best friends in the world, embroidering, reading Pygmy, my friends having tip wars after I cut their hair ($20 was the winner!), hanging out with Will & the kitties in bed, naked yoga in the morning


beefranck said...

Girl, PLEASE! I subscribe, read, and get giddy every time I'm mentioned! (like last time) :)

I'm all over those cd's if you don't mind sending them! They seem JUST my style. :)

Ally Jeanne said...

AHAHAHAHA! i forgot all about pain! when i was going to asms i'd always make lee come and pick me up and take me off campus.

Rachel said...

Dude, you went to ASMS? I know a bunch of kids that went there!

Ally Jeanne said...

yeah i graduated in 2002!