Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Having 9 school days left! Eeeeeeee! I am so unbelievably excited about graduation that I keep on forgetting/not caring about my birthday which is a week after graduation. I mean, finally. I will be out of cosmetology school! I vow to never do a pedicure again. Or a perm. The countdown officially has begun & it's so important that even Emergency Pants has started a countdown as well! Thanks guys :) If you follow me on Twitter, you're probably ready for me to graduate too. I know I do quite a bit of bitching about school, but hey, at least it's entertaining. Sometimes.

Watchmen was sooooo fucking good. I know, I know, they changed the ending. But really, I think the movie's ending made more sense. Either way, I thought the book and the movie were fantastic & I'm totally going to own it. Rorschach is my favorite!

Marathons of The Office So me & Will have been having mini marathons over the past few weeks & it's been a nice change from my typical bad tv shows! We never really got into the show a whole lot, but we both loved it every time we would catch an episode so we've got seasons 1,2,& 3 now. I ♥ Jim!

My comfy ass bed which I know has been brought up a lot on TiLT, but it deserves recognition. After a long day of babysitting the elderly, I mean, school, it feels great to climb into a huge fluffy mass of pillows & memory foam. Our bed is retardly fluffy & I love it. I've been getting kick ass sleep the past few days too!

*Honorable Mentions*
watching "gothperas" (goth operas) with Joni & drinking champagne, rocking out to ridiculous music while driving to school, peppermint tea, Ardy (one of our cats) snuggling in bed with me every night, naps on Will's lap, one more shift of work left!, vaycay!, making plans for tattoos


Ally Jeanne said...

yay for being done with school! i was so stoked the day i graduated. it made me never want to work in an actual salon. so i just paid all that money to learn a lot about hair & skin. ha.

i totally had peppermint tea today! it's my fav!

Rachel said...

Oh no! I would hate to go through all this shit & not work in a salon! It's making me even MORE anxious to get into a salon, haha!

Brook said...

yay for almost being done with school!!! so fun!

Crystal Rhew said...

I loved Watchmen too!! I thought that for the most part it really stayed true to the original story and characters. Jackie Eral Haley was phenomenal as Rorschach and Patrick Wilson was awesome as Nite Owl.

Yay for school being almost done with!! i know that is a freeing feeling.

micheleleigh said...

yay for almost being done with school!

beefranck said...

Did the countdown for you again tonight! ^_^ One week!