Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

so i've totally skipped a few thursdays cause i'm a slacker, but i really needed to do it today. i skipped school (woops!) & woke up in a pretty good mood but it started to quickly deteriorate. i went to walmart to get a few things & get my shipping supplies & when i came home Will could just tell something was wrong & he asked about it. i said that i was still disappointed that i've yet to hear from sublime stitching about the license, and my etsy shop is getting me down because i've only sold a few things, and then from nowhere i started bawling. i rarely cry, mind you.

after that i definitely did not want to go to the post office & Will could tell, so he offered to take my shipment up there & bring back some deliciousness from roly poly.

now i'm relaxing, about to work on my scarf some more, along with a new embroidery!

so here's my TILT list for the week!

Choke being made into a movie! i don't know if you guys are aware that i'm a chuck palahniuk freak, but i am & i'm sooo happy that there's a choke movie now! me, will, & my friend joni are all going to see it tomorrow night & i can't wait! so far, i think all the movies based on his books have been wonderful representations of the books so i have high hopes for this movie. plus, sam rockwell is the shit.

my car's gas mileage is fucking amazing!! seriously, the "new car" feel has not worn off yet. i filled my tank up a week ago (friday) & i still have half a tank! and i drive a lot. i drive, average, over 50 miles a day, from my house to school, back to my house, from my house to work, and back again. yep, a lot of driving. high mileage is fucking rocking right now!

not being approved by sublime stitching yet. (or ever? i dunno.) kind of weird to list this as a thing i love. and yes, it's been kinda like a what the fuck for me. i really don't understand why i haven't heard anything yet everyone i know seems to be approved in like 2 weeks or less. i've tried emailing them about it but have gotten no response. i really cannot think of a reason why i would be denied either though. i'm hoping maybe there's just a fuck up in the mail, and i say this because i never got my bust subscription this month either. i had to go out & buy it. hmm. anyway! this has caused me to step outside the SS box & use my imagination (and printer haha) a little more. i'm also gonna invest in a light box as well, as tracing over one of our lamps doesn't seem very safe or as effective.

graduation from cosmetology school within reach! i'm past the halfway mark for hours & i'll probably be graduating towards the end of january/early february! woo hoo! finally, it seems like i actually won't be stuck in there forever. by the end of next month, i should have enough hours to get a permit & go work at a salon as well! how exciting is that! i know i skip a lot, but i also work almost everyday so it can get hard to try to go to school for 36 hours a week plus work 30 hours a week as well PLUS get all the other shit that needs to be done, done!

*honorable mentions*
roly polys veggie fajita ::drooool::
this comforter set that i want so badly! it just screams dirty sex to me
getting good sleep
waking up & going to bed with my best friend every day ♥
mario kart!
feeling accomplished no matter what
my clean & organized desk
reading old lenore comics

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stina said...

congratulations on soon graduating!

i really hope you hear from sublime stitching soon. as you said, it's probably just a mail fuck up. i love your spirit, i tend to have huge problems seeing the good side of a set back. yay you!