Friday, September 19, 2008

An old scarf & a new scarf!

so i thought i'd share my first scarf i ever knit & the newest one! since the first day of fall is on monday i've been in the knitting mood. i seriously can't wait for it to get cold down here!

this is my first one. it's from the stitch n bitch knitter's handbook. i totally adore & own ALL of the stitch n bitch books!

it's not very long, just under 5 feet, a little shorter than me.

and this is my newest scarf & i think my favorite. i don't know, i just really love the color. it's like a dark charcoal. it's fat & comfy. made with fat yarn & fat needles, my favorite to work with because it knits up so quickly.
this one is about 7 ft.
i'm definitely gonna be making some more scarves but i'm gonna spice up the colors & patterns & probably put some up on my etsy store for the cheap cheap.


torrance said...

Nice knitting sweetheart! Your stitches seem very even and neat. Maybe you should venture into something a bit more compex too? :)

Hmm.. I don't think I've ever knitted a garter stitch scarf myself.. But my niece has :)

Dotty said...

Oh i love the colour of the new scarf too. I think i wil buy some fat needles this weekend.

Jigsaw Youth said...

you should! i used US 17 needles which are huge & come only in plastic