Thursday, September 4, 2008

A late things i love thursday

wow. i just realized today is thursday! this week has kind of flown by..

the past week or so i feel like it's all i've done! it's been nice. and i'm glad i got some projects done. but i have several more that i need to start on! i've been a busy girl. i have a latch hook project that i wanna do though, just for me. i love those! it's so's almost like a weird meditation. i've slowly gotten the hang of crocheting. it's definitely much weirder than knitting though.

letting go
there's been some things that i've found out recently that really really hurt my feelings. and it's been kind of tough to come to terms with. either way, i'm realizing it is really a waste of time to let it get to me even if not getting pissed off about it is hard to do. things people say & do, i can't stop. but i can decide how to react to it. thank you positivity blog! love you mean it!

craftster peeps
i am amazed at the response i got for my prochoice cross stitch...and the awesome support from so many. i got the sweetest PM from someone saying that they loved me & were so proud of me for doing something like me, it is just the way i feel. i really truly wasn't doing it to be controversial. it's just something that i believe in. anyway, i felt like i got a giant hug from craftster this week & i greatly appreciate it ♥

*honorable mentions*
waking up to the most awesome man ever. every single morning.
pam (kittykill) for all the sweet PM's she also sent me :)
alphabet magnets
tofuburger helper haha
my growing obsession with bath products (out of control!)
freshly waxed brows
Ardy, our gigantic cat

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kittykill said...

Aww...I love the Thursday post! So glad that your work makes people think and take notice. Rage against the machine sister!