Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hail Satan!

i thought this one would just be funny to do..especially with the cute little hearts around it & the weird font. i wanted to make it almost cartoony. haha living in lower alabama & having tattoos, people already assume i worship satan! but no, no, i don't worship satan. or anything. i hate organized religion. i could go on & on about that but i'm not gonna. so here's the piece!

it's also for sale on my etsy!


Loca4crafts said...

Now, you should make one that says "schooled by satan" and surround it with little cute apples :)

amy said...

ha! i'm constantly amused by the people who think that people who don't believe in god or organized religion must be satan worshipers. they somehow seem to miss the fact that satan is a christian theory! if someone's an atheist, they don't believe in god OR satan!

and fyi, your etsy link is wrong! when i click it, it takes me to MY etsy shop instead!

torrance said...

Love it! :D

Maybe I should do a "Hail Seitan" one ;)

Jigsaw Youth said...

amy-exactly! how am i going to hell when there isn't one?

torrance-haha! my husband actually asked me which one i was planning on doing, satan or seitan :)
you should totally do it! that would be awesome :)