Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

first off, i can't believe it's been a week & i have no projects to show! i'll be working on one soon though :)

Neil Gaiman
i've been reading a few sandman volumes here recently & i really just love neil gaiman. coraline, even though it's touted as a children's book, is still one of the creepiest damn books i've read. american gods is amazing, and now i'm starting to read neverwhere. luckily my husband is a huge neil gaiman fan too so he has most of his works. anansi boys is next! he's such an amazing author & i absolutely love the sandman. ♥'s to neil gaiman

Chuck Palahniuk
he's probably my favorite author right now. his stuff is so fucking off the wall & insane & revolting & disgusting & vulgar & AMAZING! i'm so so happy that choke is being made into a movie. and i bet, judging by fight club the movie, it will be a very good representation of the book. and it's coming out in october too! yay! i've read & own every single one of his books and i've yet to be disappointed. the closest i came to that was with diary. funny enough, it's Will's favorite. i guess it's not as fucked up as i like.

Books in general!
i'm glad i've gotten back into reading instead of watching bad tv all the damn time like i was. books are awesome. read one. or several!

My Awesome Friends
i love having the type of friends where i can go without seeing them for a month or longer, yet when we see each other again, it's like we never skipped a beat! (i.e. Joni, Alexis, Anna, Jimmy, Mikey) i'm really lucky to know such amazing, talented, & smart people. i miss the shit outta them most days too, but they understand that i have to go to school & work & don't really have a lot of time for much else. it'll be worth it in the end!

*honorable mentions*
jenny hart having me & my panties on her BLOG! holy fucking SHIT!!
the amazingly stormy weather lately, my favorite kind of weather!
on the verge of scalding hot showers
afternoon delight
Will cuddling me to sleep
our incredibly comfy bed
KIWI! i've been an addict lately!
tofutti sour cream (so much better than the real stuff)
my wii
good tippers at school
being drama free! weee!


Brook said...
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D. Combs said...

Re: Jenny Hart and your undies...yeah, I totally felt that way when Mo Jackson commented on one of my photos on Flickr.

Cool undies, too!


kittykill said...

Ya know, Chuck Palahniuk lives in my town...just saying....

I think I might adopt your Things I love Thursday. What a great way to remind yourself of things going right in your life.

Jigsaw Youth said...

ahh don't remind me of another reason i need to move to portland! :)

and you should definitely do things i love's really made me put things into perspective!