Monday, June 9, 2008

Revamped Cardigan

yay for cardigans i'll wear again! this plain-ass white cardigan has been in my closet for oh...a couple of years? i'm glad i kept it, cause i think it's super cute now! i used the sublime stitching pattern...i think it may have been tattoo your towels but i'm not really sure. i used 4 different colors & my fav, french knots. some of the french knots look kinda goofy up close, but that's ok. i hadn't tried stitching on clothes without stabilizer & it really wasn't too bad. i think it turned out well. and my husband being the sweetie he is seemed genuinely impressed. he told me that it actually looked like the design was bought that way...what a guy :) too bad it's hot as balls in alabama right now..


torrance said...

I think it's adorable! Hmm.. maybe I could get the courage to try stitching to clothes without stabilier

Jigsaw Youth said...

thanks lady! and you should :) it's not as difficult as i thought it would be

Lily said...

I know! All of a sudden all the judges started talking about how good Lisa's stuff was, and I thought for sure that was it. I would have been SO. PISSED. I hate Lisa!!